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Welcome to Commonwealth Financial Network online! We are an independent, full financial services firm that has been helping the good people of Maine (and beyond!) establish and maintain their long-term financial goals for almost 30 years.

What makes us different?  In the words of one client: "You filled in the missing pieces." The biggest example of that is we seek to definitively answer the question: "Will I have enough money?" In our experience, many people plan for retirement but very few plan for efficient retirement income. This is much different than just receiving an income. Taxes are a certain and significant risk that can be improved or mitigated by detailed planning and implementing the plan. We also understand the emotions of retiring and investing as you ponder some of life's most feared scenarios: Do I have enough money? What if the market "crashes"? I don't like not having control.

We go the extra mile. We do the critical calculations while providing the emotional and professional support necessary to help you achieve a secure and successful retirement. All of this is provided for one simple and competitive management fee.

Things to think about

Fear may be the most costly obstacle of your life. Fear of the unknown sometimes causes people to panic or procrastinate. Statistics show that this can be very costly in the investment world. So what should you do? Well, think about it for a moment. When it comes to the future, it is all unknown. The best way to reduce fear is to have a plan and have support.


Billions of dollars are in the bank simply to enjoy a guarantee. However, all guarantees have a price. Unless you have an enormous sum of money, you will need better returns to experience a lifetime of financial security. Without enough money, a guarantee becomes a guaranteed failure.

If you're not currently acquainted with our firm, we've established this website as a way for you to get to know us and understand how we can help you get to that point where you don't have to worry about whether your money is doing right by you.

The entire staff at Commonwealth Financial Network looks forward to serving you.

Gary’s Letter to You:
Greetings from a distance!

(April 3, 2020)